How to be A Winner – Zig Ziglar

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We all want to be a winner but are we practicing the habits to become one?  I picked this audiobook “How to be A Winner” from Zig Ziglar from Ang Mo Kio library to explore and build winning habits everyday.  I liked audiobook which not more than 3 CDs. Especially love the one which only has 1 CD and this audiobook only has 1 CD. Great short listening which can be completed in one go.  You can find the audiobook in AV section call number AV 158.1 ZIG

Zig gives 8 steps to become a winner.

1. Don’t judge the day by the weather.
2. Look for good both in people and situations.
3. Greet people with enthusiast.
4. Establish the symbols.
5. Care for your health.
6. Feed your mind.
7. Find quiet time for yourself.
8. Spend time with your love ones.

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