Work: Pressure or Pleasure – CBN Talk by Sr Linda Lizada, R.C

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Dear friends,

Last Thursday, I attended Catholic Business Network talk by Sr Linda Lizada, R. C. She belongs to Religious of the Cenacle.

Sr Linda Lizada, R.C (Work: Pressure or Pleasure)

The theme Work: Pleasure or Pressure.  I was really excited to attend the talk to learn more how can find more joy in the work I do.

Sr Linda suggest that both pleasure and pressure we experience at work are two sides of the same coin.  They come from the same sources. These are the areas which they might come from in our work environment:

  • Work environment
  • My task and responsibilities
  • My immediate supervisor
  • Colleagues
  • Myself

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I believe

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This was inspired by Ryan Deiss. In one of this talks last year, he showed a video of his staffs stating what he/she believe in. Lewis Howes also recommends listing your guiding principle. My friend also recommended me to list my 12 Commandment based on the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

So I wrote down my believes, about a month ago (just for sample purpose, no other intent), because keeping these principles in mind makes my decision making easier:

I believe in God.
I believe in empowering people.
I believe in thinking big.
I believe in doing everything with integrity.
I believe in asking for forgiveness rather than permission.
I believe in taking massive actions.
I believe in done is better than perfect.
I believe in delivering what I promise.
I believe in working hard and smart.
I believe in planning strategically.
I believe in doing the best I can.
I believe that every person deserves a second chance.
I believe that I decide my own happiness.
I believe in abundance mentality.
I believe in having a vision.
I believe in myself and other people.

The list will keep on evolving.

Wanna share yours? so I can learn from you.

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Accountability Partner: Working Together to Achieve Your Goals

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I want to give you one tip which has been keeping me on track on my goals and dreams.

Accountability Partner or Mastermind

I will talk about accountability partner in this email. Mastermind is more or less the same with more number of people involved. We will discuss Mastermind in future post.

I really see the benefit of having accountability partner (or what’s described asPeak-Performance Partner in The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy). It is the one which keeping me on progressing on my goals. My partner will message me every night (Morning her time) “What’s you plan for tonight?” and I have to report back before I go to bed. I would do the same thing to her. Yes, it does not happen every day, I would say 5 out of 7, I am still learning to be consistent.

I use a lot of “My, I” because I want to share my story, I hope you would benefit. I do not mean to “lecture”.

1. Why should I get an accountability partner?

  • Working toward my goals is always hard work and most of my goals are stretch goals (something which is reasonable but currently is not in my comfort zone, my ability, etc.)
  • Consistency is critical for forming a successful habit and becoming really good at what I am pursuing. I am guilty of this. That’s why I jump and take the opportunity to have accountability partner. Last year, I decided to start getting up early 5am (Restarting my Miracle Morning for a Xth times), I know I could not do it alone until I form it as habit. My wife supported it and woke at before 5 am and even ensure that I would get up by 5am. Now, I get up at 5am by myself.
  • It is easy for me to forget my vision or the reasons why I am working on my goals, especially when things are not going so well. It is so easy to get derailed from my goals when I hit difficulties, road blocks, or something wasn’t going well on some parts of my life (family, career, etc). Having a partner who relentlessly reminds me to keep going really helps big time!

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