Ep. 18: A Mother’s Wait for Her Rainbow Baby with Felicia Tan

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Ep 18 Felicia Tan

I connected to today’s guest at one of the trainings I attended. Felicia Tan is an amazing woman and mother. She is also an author, with three books under her belt, a speaker, a blogger and a business owner too.  As an author, she has written and published three books:

  • To Baby with Love: A Mother’s Journey Through Hope, Loss and Renewal
  • Lost and Found: A Mother’s Memoir On Finding Faith Through Loss
  • And the last book, which just been launched on 7 May 2016: A Gift from Heaven A Mother’s Search for Her Rainbow Baby After the Storms.

In her first two books she wrote about her two miscarriages which happened in 2011 and 2012.  The third book, she actively writes about her son on her blog at feliciatan22.com.  She owns a design company Design Workz, and recently founded Art of Life which advocated living life to its fullest. I really admire her faith in God, in His promises even though things seemed to be against the odds.


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Quotes from This Episode:

  • “Cherish life because you realize one day they are just there, probably the next day they could be gone, so it could be that fast”
  • “Making time for your priorities”
  • “To obey and listen” from the sermon she attended.
  • “Concentrate on HIM, not just the challenges and problems at hand.”
  • “Focus on what makes you happy and just go and do it.”

Some Questions I Asked:

  • Why Felicia decided to write her first two books to document the miscarriage she had?
  • What’s Felicia’s biggest take away from the experience?
  • What was her reason to wait for a year before planning for the next pregnancy?
  • How did Felicia grow her faith in God?
  • Why Felicia chose domain ending with 22?
  • What is Felicia focus this time?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to cope with the painful lost.
  • How can family members and friends support the mother.
  • How to make priorities and make time for the most important people in our life.
  • How to overcome low point in life.
  • And many more!

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