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I got to know this amazing woman through a common friend. Stacey Lemire Martin has rebuilt her life through a lot of adversities including illnesses, overweight, low self-esteem and lost of love ones.  She fought and took back her health and life, and learnt new skill in the process.

Quotes from this Episode:

  • “It’s amazing how we can change our bodies, we can change our brain, and we can change our chemicals.”
  • “It’s very important for people to understand how sensitive our biology, and that stress can kill us in so many ways.”
  • “No matter what happen I will survive this. This is a key factor, it’s your faith.”
  • “You must love yourself.”
  • “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What is bi-polar disorder and how we can recognize the symptoms on ourselves and people around us.
  • There are various levels of bi-polar disorder and it affects different part of the brain.
  • Gain back your health
    • Taking control of digestive system, give food that it likes.
    • Taking charge of your mood, being aware and asking.
    • Changing your thought and feelings.
  • Start watching how you talk about yourself.
  • Change your language such as apologies versus being sorry.
  • How to help family or friends who might be in depression.
  • Starting your day by stating your goal as if it already happen now.

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