Living  Congruently According to Your Value with Nate Ridgeway

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In this episode I talked to Nate Ridgeway from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. I got to know him. It was through a podcaster group, Podcaster Paradise. He is a coach with The John Maxwell Team.  He is a successful entrepreneur who making impacts to many lives. But his life wasn’t always as successful and happy as he is now.  In the past, somehow, he drifted, all aspects of his life were not working as expected. Overweight (147 lb to 237 lb, 90 lb) working four jobs, spending 20 hr every day, but broke financially struggling relationship and marriage.

He has completely changed his life, step by step designing and building the life he wanted. That’s why he is known as life architect.

Questions I asked during this episode:

  • How did Nate life hit rock bottom?
  • How do we recognize our calling?
  • What’s the biggest challenge when we want to change?
  • The first step Nate took to overcome multiple challenges he faced?
  • Nate’s tips for making run enjoyable?
  • How to repair relationship which was damaged?
  • The biggest lesson Nate took from the experience.
  • Building habits which congruent with your value.
  • Nate’s tips for each of 4 cornerstone framework L I F E (Liberate, Inspire, Flourish, Excel)

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