Living Your Life To Its Full Potential with Gabi Ury

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Gabi Ury is has a big sense of humor and very ambitious too. She broke the Guinness World Record for female longest abdominal plank in 2014. While doing this, she also raised more than 50,000 USD, ten times more than her initial stretch target. She has been featured in many media such as her favorite talk show Ellen Degeneres, ABC News Good Morning America, and many others. She even spoke in front of over 15,000 audience in We Day Seattle in 2015. I first come to know about her when I watched he TED Talk titled “What’s wrong with me? Absolutely Nothing!” In that 12:27 seconds, she inserted many jokes which made me laughed, but most of all, the message she delivered such as to see positive in everything, see things differently is really something I can adopt.

Gabi Ury TEDxSanDiego Talk:

Quotes from this Episode:

  • “You should always try thing as soon as possible, because you’ll always wonder if you keep putting it off”
  • “Courage is being the best version of yourself”

Key learning points from this episode:

  • Not to dwell on the situation which you can’t change, instead live your life as fully as possible.
  • Gabi’s favorite person other than her parent is Mindy Kaling.

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