My Six Year Journey Back … After Death with Susan R. Nelson

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I am super excited today for this episode in which I talked to Susan R. Nelson.  Susan recently published her book The Only Light I Saw was in Galveston: My Six Year Journey Back … After Death! I am always looking for great rebound stories and a common friend, Stacey Lemire, introduced me to Susan. Reading from her book, I know that she is a fighter! She has to overcome a long journey six years journey, moving to different places, working different jobs, and fighting for her right.

Quotes from this episode:

  • “I think everyone can pretty much agree that the road of life is not a straight line. There are hills and valleys, twist and turns and ups and downs.” Susan’s journal entry Saturday March 17th 1996
  • “It’s tiring and hard work to come back, BUT the alternative is to live in a pity pot and not have the life I should have.”

Questions I asked during this episode:

  • The reason Susan wrote the book.
  • What happened on 4th April 1993.
  • The immediate challenges Susan faced after waking up from the coma.
  • How Susan’s her strength to keep on fighting and come back.
  • Why Atlanta was a growing spot for Susan.
  • How Susan got started writing.
  • How journaling or writing help Susan’s recovery.
  • Susan’s best tip for journaling.
  • Susan’s favourite quote.

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

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