Left US$120,000 VP position to Pursuit Her Passion Building Music Community with Elaine Huang from Neon Owl – Episode 003

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Elaine Huang

I knew Elaine in School of Greatness Academy and a common friend Jessica connected us. Elaine is a high achiever at 26 year old she was the Vice President of business development and sales for a construction company.  She left the job to pursue her passion and founded Neon Owl, a community that connects people through music, passion, and giving back. She interviews artist, entrepreneur organization within the music industry, to find out about what they do, their struggles and vision. She has a big focus on giving back to charity around the world

Elaine Huang 

Quotes from this Episode:

  • “You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most”
  • “What’s the point of being the best of what you do, if you are not passionate about it”
  • “When you put out more good into this world.
  • “The more you give, the more you get and you give people your time it will eventually comeback.”
  • “No one achieve extraordinary by doing ordinary things.”
  • “To always come from a place of compassion and to be genuine”
  • “To Dance like no one watching”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Although everything seems good, when you feel unsure about your situation or what you are doing, ask yourself, would I be happy going down this path. Ask yourself the hard question “If money doesn’t matter, what would I do”
  • Take responsibility to your personal development. Feed your mind with more knowledge, inspiration and positivity.
  • Go out there, network and surround yourself with the people who are already where you want to be at.
  • In pursuit your passion, there will be days when you work so hard but you don’t see the outcome.
  • Habit of Mindset: Do everything in your control and let it be. Living without regrets.
  • Focus on the solution not the issues. Don’t let the issues become the reason which tie you down.
  • Start asking yourself is WHY NOT?

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Accountability Partner: Working Together to Achieve Your Goals

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I want to give you one tip which has been keeping me on track on my goals and dreams.

Accountability Partner or Mastermind

I will talk about accountability partner in this email. Mastermind is more or less the same with more number of people involved. We will discuss Mastermind in future post.

I really see the benefit of having accountability partner (or what’s described asPeak-Performance Partner in The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy). It is the one which keeping me on progressing on my goals. My partner will message me every night (Morning her time) “What’s you plan for tonight?” and I have to report back before I go to bed. I would do the same thing to her. Yes, it does not happen every day, I would say 5 out of 7, I am still learning to be consistent.

I use a lot of “My, I” because I want to share my story, I hope you would benefit. I do not mean to “lecture”.

1. Why should I get an accountability partner?

  • Working toward my goals is always hard work and most of my goals are stretch goals (something which is reasonable but currently is not in my comfort zone, my ability, etc.)
  • Consistency is critical for forming a successful habit and becoming really good at what I am pursuing. I am guilty of this. That’s why I jump and take the opportunity to have accountability partner. Last year, I decided to start getting up early 5am (Restarting my Miracle Morning for a Xth times), I know I could not do it alone until I form it as habit. My wife supported it and woke at before 5 am and even ensure that I would get up by 5am. Now, I get up at 5am by myself.
  • It is easy for me to forget my vision or the reasons why I am working on my goals, especially when things are not going so well. It is so easy to get derailed from my goals when I hit difficulties, road blocks, or something wasn’t going well on some parts of my life (family, career, etc). Having a partner who relentlessly reminds me to keep going really helps big time!

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