Ep. 22: Climbing the Peak of Triumph from The Valley of Trauma with Delane Cooper

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Rebound Stronger Podcast Ep. 22 with Delane Cooper

We are connected through The School of Greatness Academy (http://schoolofgreatness.com/ ) by Lewis Howes also known as SOGA back in July earlier this year. Delane has an upbeat personality and also is a friend with a big heart who has helped me and wants to help others grow. She has connected me with several amazing people within the SOGA Community for the Rebound Stronger Podcast such as, Tina Ranoso Bangel, Carole Pilling, Jenifer Vroom, and many others.

Delane Cooper is a custom jewellery designer and goldsmith who expresses her creativity by making beautiful pieces that tell meaningful stories for the wearer. She works with all precious metal, pearls, precious coloured stones and diamonds.

Her jewellery has been featured in Elle Magazine and in Royal Ontario Museum. Every piece of her jewellery tells a story. I was so moved by one of her designs which pays tribute to a client’s parents love of 63 years. The husband was the strength for his wife during a decade of memory loss. Amazing story and beautiful ring.

As a young adult, Delane achieved early success in marketing and sales in technology. But in 2003 she found her true calling in jewellery design.  Delane now marries her love of people’s stories with precious jewels and metals.

She has an amazing story of courage, through her journey of overcoming childhood abuse, having low esteem, dealing with medical issues, finding unconditional love and discovering her true strength and potential because of love while writing new, exciting chapters in her life.

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Quotes from This Episode:

  • “I am grateful to live to the rhythm of life!”
  • “They showed me unconditional love, no matter how often I shut the bedroom door in their face they loved me. They loved me no matter what grade I received.” Delane remembering Judy and Bill, the couple who Delane would later called Mom and Dad.
  • “I decided that living is more important than playing victim from emotional confusion from my childhood and physical pain.” Delane telling when she opted to have surgery to remove her uterus and ovaries.
  • “My bad days were bedridden and my good days, I walked with a cane.” Delane describing when she had fibromyalgia.
  • “That climb taught me with proper support, training, guidance, meditation, breathing and focus. And by moving forward one step at a time that adversities become opportunity for growth.” Delane remembering her quest to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • “Life is precious and we should seize it every day and make a different in society”
  • “Remember, you are very precious! Your life is precious!”

Some Questions I Asked:

  • What made Delane to keep pushing through despite the adversities she faced?
  • How did Delane build her self-esteem back up after series of traumatic experiences?
  • How can we support a person who experienced sexual abuse in their childhood?
  • How to approach and listen to a child who might have been sexually abused?
  • What would Delane say if she has 3-5 minutes to a child or woman who has been abused sexually during childhood?


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