I believe

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This was inspired by Ryan Deiss. In one of this talks last year, he showed a video of his staffs stating what he/she believe in. Lewis Howes also recommends listing your guiding principle. My friend also recommended me to list my 12 Commandment based on the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

So I wrote down my believes, about a month ago (just for sample purpose, no other intent), because keeping these principles in mind makes my decision making easier:

I believe in God.
I believe in empowering people.
I believe in thinking big.
I believe in doing everything with integrity.
I believe in asking for forgiveness rather than permission.
I believe in taking massive actions.
I believe in done is better than perfect.
I believe in delivering what I promise.
I believe in working hard and smart.
I believe in planning strategically.
I believe in doing the best I can.
I believe that every person deserves a second chance.
I believe that I decide my own happiness.
I believe in abundance mentality.
I believe in having a vision.
I believe in myself and other people.

The list will keep onĀ evolving.

Wanna share yours? so I can learn from you.

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