Better than Normal Life with Hitesh Ramchandani

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The special guest for this episode is Hitesh Ramchandani.  He is an extraordinary young man with many achievements.  I first knew Hitesh around end of last year when I found his book in book store while browsing and looking for inspiring book.  I read his book and attended his talk and finally got the opportunity to interview him. Although he has cerebral palsy, a condition that affects muscles, movement and motor skills,

this does not hinder him in achieving great things, things perhaps some of us still want to achieve. He has travelled around to many countries, representing Singapore in football such in Incheon Asian Para Games and of course in the 8th Asean Para Games, which Singapore hosted 2015. Last year 2015, he published his autobiography, “Better than Normal: My Journey of Self Belief and Unwavering Determination”, which is about overcoming the challenges in his life. He is now an international speaker and transformational coach.


Quotes from this episode:

  • “No matter what, always keep going, eventually you will reach your destination”
  • “Learn how to accept your situation in life and learn how to make the best out of it”
  • “Life is like a ball, the harder you hit the ground the higher you will bounce”
  • “Courage is facing the problems even the odds are against you”

Questions I ask Hitesh in this episode:

  • How was Hitesh’s childhood growing up with cerebral palsy?
  • What was Hitesh’s the most challenging experience growing up?
  • What was Hitesh’s the happiest moment from his childhood?
  • Whether Hitesh who constantly have to work much harder than most of other people ever get tired (want to quit)?
  • What was the biggest lesson learnt while growing up with cerebral palsy and his advices for person who has similar condition?
  • How did Hitesh he get into the Singapore national football?
  • Why he chose “Better than Normal” as his book title?
  • Hitesh’s tips to someone who is interested to make speaking as a career
  • Hitesh’s most important habits

Books mentioned in this episode:

1 Better than Normal by Hitesh Ramchandani
2 Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield
3 Millionaire Underdog: Start, Grow and Explode Your Business Against All Odds by JT Foxx


Ways to Contact Hitesh:

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