From Troubled Young Man to Caring Lawyer with Josephus Tan – Episode 004

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Josephus Tan
I’ve read about Josephus few times on media, but really got interested to learn more about him around end of November 2015. When he posted an open letter on his facebook to the students who about to get their PSLE result. At the end of the article he gave a message to always do your best and never give up.  Josephus has transformed his life from troubled his teenager who involved secret societies, growing up as an alcoholic to a prominent lawyer.  Some people called him rocker lawyer due to his long hair. He spends 1/3 of his time doing pro-bono work, clocking over 5000 hours of pro bono work over six year.   The pro-bono cases he takes are often to help troubled youth.  In 2013 he is appointed by the law society of Singapore as pro-bono ambassador. He has received many awards one of them is Singapore youth award in July 2015, given out by National Youth Council, the highest accolade for young Singaporean who have made significant contribution to society.

Josephus Tan

Quotes from this Episode:

  • “Have you tried to do something good for yourself, not for other but for yourself?” The questioned asked by Josephus’ father to him.
  • “You cannot move forward to the future without embracing your past. Not matter how ugly it was, you embrace them and recognize that it as something you cannot change.”
  • “To me livable means being hopeful, being happy, being positive, being inspired, being motivated”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Turning your life around starts with baby steps. Such as
    • Embracing your past rather than trying to erase them.
    • Be discipline, start small like wake up in the morning, brushing your teeth.
  • Having people who willing to walk the journey with you.
  • Helping and becoming a friend for someone in need. When we help somebody else, it is often that the experience actually help us.
  • Take time reflecting and have a closure every night. What went right, what went wrong, how things could have been better?

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