The Lessons I learned from Mr Lim Seah Hor’s Story on TODAY’s article by Eveline Gan

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I am always looking for stories, stories of ordinary people with extraordinary courage who overcame their difficulties. Today, on my way to office I read this article “Kidney failure patient turns medalist at World Transplant Games”. I said in my mind “WOW, this man overcome difficulties and achieve greatness!”
Read the story here, you will find that he faced not just health issue (Kidney failure) but also the followings:

* being single parent with young daughter when it happened
* Having to work 10 to 12 hours with his conditions
* Not previous experience and formal training in Tejo

Here are the 3 lesson I learned from this story:

Although he felt as he had “struck the lottery” or luck was in play. I do believe that it is his faith, his hope that made it possible. If he didn’t believe there is a chance for a transplant in the future, he would have given up. Perhaps he would not exercise which keep his body in good condition, which I believe would increase probability of the transplant success rate. Stay strong and keep the faith. Share your trouble with you families and friends, don’t keep it to yourself.

He is has no formal training in Tejo. He found resources, make use of the Internet by watching YouTube videos.

Sport was his way to release pressure from his life. Here is his own word in the TODAY’s article “Being able to sweat it out felt good. Emotionally and physically, I felt better the next day after some exercise. My appetite would improve, and my ankles and legs would be less swollen, which is a common problem for people with kidney failure.” He could have chosen to eat bag of chips to release his stress (I used to do this A LOT). It did more harm to both my body and mind (most important assets) than just releasing stress. I would feel tired all the time, gain weight, feel bad about myself. I can’t stress enough the importance of exercise. Build this into your daily routines, morning routine is best. Start small, be consistent. allow yourself to make mistakes, skipping once in while in the first few weeks, even months. It takes time. Take it easy. Having a friend or group which like to do the same sport, will make it much more interesting. In addition, it will help you be consistent and accountable.

Few tips for everyone to keep their kidney healthy (taken from

* Exercise regularly
* Control weight
* Follow a balanced diet
* Quit smoking
* Drink only in moderation
* Stay hydrated
* Monitor cholesterol levels
* Get an annual medical check up
* Know your family medical history

Well done Mr. Lim Seah Hor! Thank you for being great and an inspiration for me!

Thank you Eveline for writing and sharing this story!

If you find this useful, please help share this to your families and friends, let’s be great and healthy!


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